"Mental Combat" book notes

Last updated 29.5.2022


We overthink everything. Apply mindfulness. Take a step back and recognize the conflict. Then analyse and react. Mindfulness is experiencing the moment without judgement. Mindfulness can combat all kind of mental issues such as stress for example. Don't think about the future and the past. Be in the now.


Your mind sets limits not to self destruct your body. But there is always a buffer for emergency situations. It is possible to overcome the limits set by your mind. Motivation is everything. Without, you won't do things and will only dream. Or you will give up. Don't be externally motivated but by personal drive. Real training is though. The only way to succeed is motivation. Enjoy the process despite the pain and sweat. In order for this be internal motivated.

If you are not motivated, reevaluate your goals. Is this the right sport for you? Find the inner fire.

Self esteem

One way not to lose is not to see a loss as a loss. Think of each defeat as a test. And go back to the drawing board. Don't take a loss emotionally. It's a super power. This is the key. To self improvement. There are no failures but tests.

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